Be yourself – Everyone else is taken (Oscar Wilde)
May 2nd, 2015 by cgribble

About Chris

Chris’ working life began as an office clerk in a large farm implement manufacturing company in Dalby Qld. After a year he began an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner in the same company and successfully completed his indentures four years later.

Looking for an adventure he then travelled to Israel to work on a Kibbutz. He primarily worked in the farm section of the Kibbutz producing turf for many of the major tourist and residential developments in Israel at that time.
On his return to Australia he began working at the local Dalby Hospital and completed his training as an enrolled nurse. He then worked at Baillie Henderson Hospital in Toowoomba for a year.

Chris completed several years of Bible College training and worked as a teacher and then Dean of Cornerstone Bible College in Emerald, Qld. He moved to Charters Towers in North Queensland to commence employment as a church Pastor with the Churches of Christ and Baptist Churches. During this time he also worked as a Nurse, Newspaper Photographer, School Teacher, Chaplain and a variety of other jobs to augment his role in the church.

Chris’ interest in education was developed through his studies at the University of Southern Queensland where he completed a Bachelor in Further Education and Training. Chris moved to the Gold Coast in 2002 and completed his Masters in Education (Online Learning) that year. At this time he began applying some of the ideas formulated during his studies to the development of a Cert IV in Christian Ministry. A number of students were engaged in individually adapted learning that sought to provide learners situated learning within their community of practice.

In 2007 Chris moved to Toowoomba with the aim to develop an applied spirituality in the workplace. He became a builder’s labourer working on site with the purpose of developing a holistic mentoring model that produced positive learning outcomes for the business.

In 2010 Chris spent 6 months teaching Business and English in China. This was an adventure and educational experience for the whole family. Chris and the family returned in February, 2011.

In 2014 Chris began a 6 month leadership course with the Centre for Courage and Renewal in Austin, Texas. He will complete this in April 2015. One of his recent learning influences has been the work of Parker Palmer who founded the Courage and Renewal Academy and authored the work, The Courage to Teach. This experience has inspired Chris to recommence his Phd studies in 2015.

Educational Background
Masters in Education (Online Learning)
Graduate Certificate in Theology
Bachelor in Further Education and Training
Diploma in Theology
Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
Diploma of Training Design and Development
Diploma in Counselling and Groupwork
Diploma in Business (Frontline Management)
Enrolled Nurse
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Certificate III in Human Services
Certificate III in Fitting, Turning and Machining.
Currently Studying
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Southern Queensland

August 26th, 2015 by cgribble

Where does my soul dwell

Where does my soul dwell,
Was my constant wonder as a child,
I knew it was that inner part of me,
That was God’s most precious gift,
But, for a time I gave my soul,
For a price that was both
Too low and far too high
Given to something that could never return,
Such a precious gift, then wasted,
Because, I gave it to something,
That could never appreciate,
It’s true eternal value.
Until it was lost I didn’t know,
And then, I realised what was wisely said,
What does it profit a man – whose soul is lost
My life lived with a gaping hole.
That should be filled by learning how to be.

But, today my soul is restored,
to that place known by God and I.
I took it from the one that it belonged,
When I kept the gift for myself,
What was intended to free, instead,
Was a burden that weighed me down,
A price that was both,
Too low and far too high,
The debt was my soul’s weariness,
The cost that threatened life itself,
But, when life’s true value is renewed,
My soul once more returned,
To its home that promises,
No gain in this world – rather eternal rest,
My soul is found where my inner yearning,
That gaping hole Is filled with love,
As I learn to rediscover all I am meant to be.

August 25th, 2015 by cgribble


Be here
Be now
Be strong
Be hopeful
Be free
Be Loved

August 25th, 2015 by cgribble

The Lifting Fog

When the cloud touches the mountain,
And evening arrives early,
When daylight is overtaken by,
the fog’s clinging haze,
The light – succumbs to shadows,
Darkness oozes in,
The light gives way to gray,
Constricting what is seen,
The view ahead is limited,
By the thick enveloping blanket,
that dims the light ahead,
It blurs behind the darkness,
Fog clinging to all it sees.

The fog’s haze meets with me,
Both from the outside and looking in,
Life battles my situation,
That seeks to take away,
My hope – is crushed by anxiety,
Despair is lived each day,
My creativity is limited,
By the fog’s shadows,
Covering all I do and say,
I seek to catch a glimpse,
Of what will come today,
But, my vision is limited
By the fog that lies within.

I know the fog will visit,
For a time and then will leave,
It’s clinging dimness struggling,
Against the sun rays clearing,
To the emerging day,
That opens a brighter, loving way,
It is transparent and surprising,
Because of where it came,
Shadows highlight light,
To show the path ahead,
My sight renewed, refreshed,
No longer am I limited,
By the fog’s brief touch with me.