Be yourself – Everyone else is taken (Oscar Wilde)
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About Chris

Chris’ working life began as an office clerk in a large farm implement manufacturing company in Dalby Qld. After a year he began an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner in the same company and successfully completed his indentures four years later.

Looking for an adventure he then travelled to Israel to work on a Kibbutz. He primarily worked in the farm section of the Kibbutz producing turf for many of the major tourist and residential developments in Israel at that time.
On his return to Australia he began working at the local Dalby Hospital and completed his training as an enrolled nurse. He then worked at Baillie Henderson Hospital in Toowoomba for a year.

Chris completed several years of Bible College training and worked as a teacher and then Dean of Cornerstone Bible College in Emerald, Qld. He moved to Charters Towers in North Queensland to commence employment as a church Pastor with the Churches of Christ and Baptist Churches. During this time he also worked as a Nurse, Newspaper Photographer, School Teacher, Chaplain and a variety of other jobs to augment his role in the church.

Chris’ interest in education was developed through his studies at the University of Southern Queensland where he completed a Bachelor in Further Education and Training. Chris moved to the Gold Coast in 2002 and completed his Masters in Education (Online Learning) that year. At this time he began applying some of the ideas formulated during his studies to the development of a Cert IV in Christian Ministry. A number of students were engaged in individually adapted learning that sought to provide learners situated learning within their community of practice.

In 2007 Chris moved to Toowoomba with the aim to develop an applied spirituality in the workplace. He became a builder’s labourer working on site with the purpose of developing a holistic mentoring model that produced positive learning outcomes for the business.

Chris began Fortress Learning with Bryan early in 2008. This was the result of a shared passion for learning and a sense of adventure to create a business that seeks to enable access to that learning and to build relationships that value integrity, trust and honesty.

In 2010 Chris spent 6 months teaching Business and English in China. This was an adventure and educational experience for the whole family. Chris and the family returned in February, 2011.

In 2014 Chris began a 6 month leadership course with the Centre for Courage and Renewal in Austin, Texas. He will complete this in April 2015. One of his recent learning influences has been the work of Parker Palmer who founded the Courage and Renewal Academy and authored the work, The Courage to Teach. This experience has inspired Chris to recommence his Phd studies in 2015.

Educational Background
Masters in Education (Online Learning)
Graduate Certificate in Theology
Bachelor in Further Education and Training
Diploma in Theology
Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
Diploma of Training Design and Development
Diploma in Counselling and Groupwork
Diploma in Business (Frontline Management)
Enrolled Nurse
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Certificate III in Human Services
Certificate III in Fitting, Turning and Machining.
Currently Studying
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Southern Queensland

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Simon Sinek – Investing in others

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The Beloved Series

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The true price of loving God

I know Salvation’s price is free
That part is done by you
My Father’s life freely given
Before my life is born
Your plan for me was made
Your desire for perfection
Life’s promised fullness
Is all completely paid

The community your son created
Against which hate cannot prevail
Is the place to discover
Salvations price revealed
Daily loved shared deeply
Connecting to an intimate me
Seeking hope in all who come
To our Father’s community

But to know what’s truly given
I must learn to let go
Of all what binds within
This world’s hopes
Clawing for my attention
Attachment’s present desire
Means to linger in the shadows
Today I choose the gift

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Link for Cert III Class

Class Link

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Creation’s Sounds

From creation’s beginnings
You had a plan
With Adam’s decision
You had me in mind

My Father’s plans
Are clearly laid
As I walk life’s path
I discover each day
To learn what is needed
The truth of my heart

I come to you presence
I sit at your feet
Hearing your voice
Speaking creation’s sounds
The birds calling
The water’s shimmering
Rays of light
Filtering through trees

My Child this is what’s needed
My desire for you
Hear my voice
My deep love for you
Discover my heart
Listen to its call
Back to creation
Love’s first beautiful sound
It is good
My Child
You are good
I created you
My plans for you are good

Creation’s beauty
Echoes from Adam
I love you today.

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Reflections on Psalm 18

My Accusers Voice

The accuser screams,
You are worthless,
Harsh words echo
Deeply wounding
Seeking despair
Attacking weakness
Betraying confidence
Desiring revenge

A voice of pain
Anxious uncertainty
Self destructive
Wishing hate
Empty hope

There are the deep valleys that come from living in a broken hearted world. These valleys are full of shadows that obscure the path forward. Our inner reserves become quickly depleted because we feel lost and our vision becomes increasingly limited. This limitation develops insidiously like the physical disease of glaucoma when our spirits are depleted we see less and less but at first we don’t recognise its effects.

God steps into our world and his light pursues relentlessly the shadows that seek to overcome his light. We feel this most when we are broken and our hearts laid open. When we are devastated from facing hate’s lash and its stinging words. When we feel like every avenue of faith is blocked. Our story intersects with David’s at the point where it feels like there is no hope.

Is it so wrong to be rescued? I know that I struggle with this. The broken hearted person knows what it is to be humbled. They know what it is to have their world turned upside down, to be in a place where the darkness threatens to overwhelm every glimmer of light. The descent into brokenness brings God’s child to knowing that their deepest need can only be met through being rescued. This is the moment where all pride is released, and we can rest in our Father’s loving embrace.

You rescue the humble,
but your eyes watch the proud and humiliate them.
O LORD, you are my lamp.
The LORD lights up my darkness.

There are times where I feel like I am totally in over my head. These are the places where the enemy seems to have the upper hand. It’s comforting to know that our God rescues us from this situation. These are those times when life’s deep waters threaten to inundate us. Like a drowning person we clutch for something to save us. This is where God speaks loudest to those who turn to him.

He reached down from heaven and rescued me;
he drew me out of deep waters.

At that point where life feels like it’s about to be snatched from us we will take any solution but over and over David cries out to God. And, God responds by reaching down from heaven, he seeks us out and we are saved from the darknesses, suffocating he moves us from being in over our head to being able to draw breath again.

They attacked me at a moment when I was in distress,
but the LORD supported me.

What is worse when travelling through a valley is to be down and then be attacked. David experiences this with the betrayal of his closest friends. He know the deep pain that comes from the rejection of his love towards them. It’s a difficult lesson to learn that our enemies are not capable of returning love because they are locked into their own prisons.

He led me to a place of safety;
he rescued me because he delights in me.

But, then God brings us to a place of safety because he takes delight in us. His words to Jesus at his Baptism echo in our lives today. You are my beloved [Child] with whom I am well pleased. Our Father sees us as his beloved child because our presence on earth delights him. He rescues us and brings us to a new understanding of his love in the midst of the accusations, the betrayal, the hatred. From the brink of despair God brings us to the threshold of new hope, because he is our deliverer.

Praise be to God.

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The Way Behind Closes

A sparrow never questions
What will come each day
It only does what’s needed
Because it’s made that way
Now is all that matters
Cause there’s just today
Tomorrow’s only worry
Is at the end of every day

The way behind closes
finished at each old day
There’s no turning back
Time heeds no delay
Now is all I can know
It has no other say
Regret is impossible
Life is only one way.

The way ahead emerges
At the dawn of each new day
Its morning beams shed light
Keeping darkness at bay
Slowly understanding
Emerges with each ray
Of what must be will be
It is come what may
(Chris Gribble)

May 3rd, 2015 by cgribble

What is a Divided Life – Parker Palmer

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My Beloved’s Voice

My Beloved’s Voice
Whispers softly
You are my beloved
Soft words giving
Loving hope
Offering joy
Caring compassion
Certain friend
Forgiving love
My Father’s voice
Sure and insistent
Desires wholeness
Life’s fullness
I am your beloved
Your creation
Wonderfully made
Loved unconditionally
Graciously accepted
By an open heart
Longing to speak
Hope and trust
Well done my child

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Let me be beautiful like sea glass

Let my edges that cut be stroked by sand and salt
Let my slick surfaces coarsen till it’s crushed to bits
Let my colours soften as they scrape the bottom
Let the waves love me in their rough way
Let me be changed by that love
Let me not forget that I held another
Yet fully inhabit the particularity
Let me be smooth enough to be rubbed by smooth fingers
and slipped inside a pocket or a bowl
Let me prove that beauty is born when something breaks.

Gwynn O’Gara